Sunday, November 23, 2008

Homeward Bound

Well.....Day 2 was better than I thought

I was in pretty bad pain.....I started the morning with another bag of Ice on my chest..followed by a scalding hot shower for some heat therapy, and some vitamin I. A quick drive over to the race course to test things out....the first pre ride lap was really bad and I considered not starting....A 40 min spin on the road had me loosened up a little, luckily it was a little warmer and not quite so windy. A few more laps on the course and I was feeling a little better so I took to the start line. I think I had the most Superfans on the course with Andrea, her sister Carrie, and Louie Spaghetti!

I had a good start and was top 10 off the pavement. I followed Tonkin, Troy Wells, and a few others on lap 1. I hooked up with Spinelli again for lap 2. I was suffering a little though and fell off the pace. During the middle of the race I was riding with Meyerson. I started bridging up to a group of Frattini, Wells, and St. John, but then Trebon came back from his flat and the group rode away again following Trebon.

Troy Wells came back to my group and was struggling a bit...we went by him and then I attacked Meyerson on the last lap for 13th.

All in all happy with the result considering the pain, but not happy with the weekend. I think I should have been 4 spots higher each day.


cjs said...

The Hamptons suck!

Rib injuries suck!

Cold ass weather sucks!

Cyclocross campaign in the Midwest and East Coast Rocks!

Keep it up, Brian!

The Schut House of Cycling is pulling for you!

-Chad "No-moon Superfan" Schut

Colin R said...

Superfan crash footage: