Thursday, November 13, 2008

Brooklyn, NY

Unpack, run, work, sleep, ride, work, , massage, pack, sleep, drive, fly......

It was a whirlwind between Iceman and now, but I managed to build up a second bike,

Thanks to Snudden, Moncel, and Azhar.....White WINS!

Thanks to Tristan for the single set up - I think that set up was 8th at nationals.

Thanks to Krazy Karl for a touch of old school and the Avid Tri Dangle hook up!

I also got in a few workouts in, put in a few hours at Bike N Ski, hopped on a place, hailed a cab, and now I'm chillin' in Brooklyn!



Ben said...

Sweet Brian, see you in a couple days!

Echelon said...

dude the bike looks totally sweet. and yes white is the sh*T. best of luck out are riding well. stay on a good wheel.

Sarah Lukas said...

good luck, feel better, and kill it