Monday, July 28, 2008


Quick update following the WORS race yesterday at Alterra. I finished 5th and Andrea was 6th. My race was pretty good! I had a good start and was following Jesse on lap 1. On the climb a few guys passed me. A small gap opened in the last singletrack and going through the start/finish I was in no mans land. Coming off a rest week I didn't have the gas to jump across so I set a good tempo and cruised in for my best WORS race of the year.

In other news Bennet Vandergenugten won the BNS Tour De France point competition...then he did a sweet blog update...check it out!

Now we are off for some secret training for the week at Firefly up O2S!!!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BNS TDF Points Competition

In the 2nd annual BNS TDF points competition its all coming down to the final TT. After TT#1 it was EVIL E Hildebrand. After Rest Day #1 I took a commanding lead. After rest day #2 it was Mike Ver who took charge. After todays queen stage the reigning champion took charge and holds a solid two point lead over the rest of the field. After picking todays winner I moved into a 2nd place stranglehold with BVDG Can Andrea hold on for her second consecutive win? Saturdays TT will hold all the answers. Stay tuned......

Thursday, July 17, 2008

All aboard!

Check out 1 WORLD 2 Wheels and do it for real!

Also check out the all new live Gear-Grinder Website and buy some new clothing. I was lucky enough to get some free samples and the stuff is awesome. Recycled cotton and recycled bamboo t-shirts, and recycled bicycle tubes for wallets and belts. Do it for real!

Also help IMBA save some sweet singletrack. Do it for real!

I'm gonna!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Can't take the heat...get out of the KITCHEN

Busy at it...but sweet to take a day off of work.

Monday, July 14, 2008

"It's a Jelly"

A quote from Strange Brew one of my all-time fav's. Really when thinking about this blog update I was going to title it jealousy, but that's not the right word.

About 1 month ago I entertained the idea of going back to the East Coast for some NMBS action. Yesterday I talked with TJ after the race and it made me think a little. The last time I did a Norba was 2004. I crashed out of the race at Mt. Snow with a separated shoulder and then had to watch the Short Track from the sidelines the next day. That's not really how I wanted to end my Norba career, but I followed up that crash with some rest and with a W at Ore To Shore and the rest is history.

One of these days I will head out for another national level race, but the timing wasn't right this year. With the purchase of our new home, and a late start to the season, I needed these two weeks to complete a good training build. I also had to paint the kitchen! Today I got some new shades that will be enough motivation for this week of hard training and the Holy Hill road race on Monday.

I hope the WI crew rips it up in VT.

Fact: I have done the NORBA in VT 10 times~ I still know the race course like the back of my hand. I have only done the nude crit in VT 3 times. It's not quite as technical.

Monday, July 07, 2008

It's all good!

As my good buddy Glenner the UPS man would say, "It's All Good!" That's what I was thinking as I was driving home from Eau Claire last night. I was not thinking that as I was descending towards the small river crossing in the race and very quickly losing tire pressure. I rode as far as I could hoping it would seal and looking for a place to pull off the lengthy singletrack section that would not impede other racers. I quickly attempted a shot of big air in hopes the bead would seal, but no go again. So I went for the tube, poored stans all over my front rotor, and was off and running again. Needless to say I was pretty far back being so early in the race and needless to say my front brake was not the best with a liquid latex coating. Anyway I knew I needed to race to I put on the game face and made the best of my situation. I raced hard the entire race, had high HR numbers, and finished in the money. Take away the 3 or so minutes it took to fix the flat and I could have been racing for a top 5.

Andrea killed it! Once again she made the podium and brought home more money that I did!

I'm not liking the view from the podium way over here, but I'm confident the fitness is getting there and the training is going good. Good luck to the top 5 who are heading east this week for some national racing.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hangin' @LT

With no race last weekend I have had some time to do some quality training. Lots of 20 min LT intervals. Yesterdays session almost ended in a blaze of glory as I finished in a crazy lightning storm with power lines shooting sparks like it was the 4th a few days early. Not cool.

I also had a little time to relax and finally got to watch KLUNKERZ in full. It was sweet and brought back some of my old school memories...first one was this....Sport Overall Champion 1994 w/ the man himself.

Or the days of racing in T-Shirts against Mesko...

Or my first World Cup in 95 Helen, GA...

Can you name the top 3?

On the homeowner front it goes like this: Painted a kitchen ceiling, mosquitoes, raked a small pile of leaves, mosquitoes, thought about mowing the lawn(didn't), and more mosquitoes.

New Gear Grinder apparel is almost ready along with the website...soon to be seen on a podium near you! Off to Eagle River for the holiday weekend and then over to WORS for the Firecracker!
As spoken by HB himself, "LATER DUDE"