Sunday, October 03, 2010

The Domes was a 3:00am wake-up call this morning. Andrea and Elicia are off to California for a friends wedding. I was the chauffeur. I'm tired, but I'm also a bachelor for a week so there will be plenty of couch time today watching football and taking naps! First I better go do a workout....or maybe a nap first...ive got all day to decide!

Yesterday was the first local cross race I have done in a few years. It was perfect timing and the guys/wives of MWICROSS put on an awesome event. The race was held at the Milwaukee Domes. There were superfans, there was rain, sand, barriers, and even cupcakes! Everything you could ask for on a saturday afternoon.
The race started with the top 4 guys overshooting the first corner. Carbon wheels don't stop fast in the rain. The next corner further down in the field it looked like a bike race on a slip and slide course. Mark quickly went to the front to stay out of trouble and I followed. Mark pulled the first 2 laps and then I took over. My legs felt similiar to the day of Cheq. Strong, but no snap and cold. I pulled for a lap and a half before Mark took over again. This time I felt really comfortable following him. A lap later I was at the fron again and went pretty good up the steep climb in the course. A gap opened, I went hard and gained 10 seconds advantage. The next 2.5 laps I maintained the gap and took home my first cross victory of the season.

Next up is the UCI3 in Cincinnati. The competition is stacked this year. The race courses are rumored to be improved, the payout is top notch and equal to men and women. Register today and I'll see you there.

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