Friday, October 08, 2010

UCI3 #1

It was a good day, a long day, but a good day. It started with a 3:45am wake-up and a long drive in the GearGrinder van from Sheboygan to Covington KY. Bill Street Player, Tristan and I shared the driving, so it wasn't so bad.

The race was exact opposite of last year. Dry, dusty, and bumpy. I had a solid start in the front row and filed into the course in about 8th place. I moved up to 6th place and was following Chris Jones for 2 laps. He was struggling a little and I gapped him on the triple barrier ride/run. I was 5th 10-15 seconds behind Kabush for the next 45 minutes. With 2 more days of racing to go I didn't really want to drill it to catch him. The last 15 minutes I started to feel the pain in my hands. With 3 laps to go I had to stop racing because the blisters were so bad. I couldn't hold the bars. My yellow bar tape had red blood stains on the tops and the drops. I faked it as good as possible and finished 5th. Pretty happy, just hoping the hands heal up quick.

Thanks to the for putting on a great race. Thanks to GearGrinder fo the team van. We're riding in style! Check out for more great pictures.

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