Saturday, October 09, 2010

UCI3 #2

Day two actually started with a rough end to day one. So I got some blisters on my hands.....yea it hurts but no big deal right. So its 10:00pm I'm tired from racing and waking at 4:00am. I'm ready for bed. I think how about a band aid on my blister before bed. It burns. Bad. My feet start itching. I've got to get this stuff off my hands. I go to the bathroom wash my hands, I'm hot, rinse my face with cold water and go to lay down. My heart rate quickly goes from 50 to 120 laying there. My asshole starts itching, my legs start itching, my hands and lips start swelling. I tell Tristan and Bill somethings wrong. They ask whats up and realize I'm slurring my speech and making no sense. I barely ask them to call the ambulance. I ask Tristan for a cold wash cloth for my forehead. He brings it back on two seconds later I say I'm going to piss my pants. I stand up and feel like I'm going to vomit. I crawl to the bathroom on my hands and knees and am ready to barf, but before I can I almost shit my pants. I drop the pants and everything all comes out at once. The emt's show and think we are huffing mastik tubular glue and drinking mineral spirits. They want me to get in the ambulance, but no way thats like $500 and I only won $120 for 5th place earlier in the day. Tristan and Bill drive me to the ER where we wasted 2 hours for really clear answers and a bit of benadryl. There goes $750 to the hospital. Oh well at least I didn't die, because for a while when my ear were ringing and my lips were swelling I was just waiting for my throat to start to swell.

After a late night and some good lack of sleep the motivation wasn't too high to start the race. More than anything I just wanted to be able to hold onto the handlebars. I was afraid of anything that I did the day before, drink mix? recovery drink? what caused that freak out? dinenr? who knows? Jessica from My Wife Inc came along with some "Vag Spray" to spray on my hands. I thought I better man up and race my bike. I was ready and felt halfway decent in the warm up. Then I skipped my pedal on the start line and filed of the pavement in 17th place. Ooops. It pretty much was game over from there. I slowly bridged up to Wicks with Troy 5 seconds up and the group another 5 seconds. Somewhere Troy bridged and Wicks and I didn't. I rode around with Barry for the first half of the race and then he disappeared. I finished it up solo in 8th. Hopefully a good nights sleep and good legs tomorrow.

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