Saturday, January 01, 2011


I was scared as I was pinning on my number today...and thats not a good way to be at the start of a GVA. During the first warm up lap everything was good. Second time through a little faster in each line. On the final descent I started to go down and I started to go fast, but I couldn't stop and I kept gaining speed....I had to dismount at what felt like mock speed. The brakes, pads, and carbon rim combo just didn't have the power I needed ride at a comfortable speed on the descent in the wet and snow. I tried different pads and they didn't do the trick for me either. I was afraid of crashing....check out Boom on lap one. I figured if I lost 5 seconds per lap it would be better than breaking my collarbone.

Again this is not the mindset to be in at the start of a GVA. I was hoping once they blew the start whistle I would forget about it all, but I was still scared on lap one. On lap 2 I started going a little better, passing a few guys. Lap 3 I settled down a little and got in a good rhythm, but I was still losing too much valuable time running the descent. UCI RULE #59.C Disc Brakes are cool! I could have gone for some today for sure...or maybe some bigger cajones!

Mark and I pretty much raced together the entire race and finished 32nd and 33rd. It was brutally cold and hard. Deep mud, an iceberg field descent, a lung searing set of steps. Just what you want in a Belgium cross race. I can't help leaving the race course with a empty feeling though.

My legs don't feel like I put out a solid effort. Which means I can really crush it tomorrow and finish off the campaign with a really good result! I will be thinking of all the supporters, my Belgian Fan Club(who was there in full force today!), my Belgian support crew, and my family back home. Everyone has supported me so much and my last race will be a full effort to reward everyone with a good result!

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