Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's all about the mailbox!

Day after day its been an exciting trip out to the mailbox! Today was by far the best! Andrea's loving father sacrificed all things Packers to mail me my Franco Harris Steelers jersey! Now I'm ready for the big game. Andrea also received my Packers we are dialed for next weekend! Needless to say I'm looking forward to Super Sunday.

Also showing up in the mail was some love from the sponsors. A couple pairs of the new Crank Brothers Egg Beater Eleven pedals arrived two days ago. The pedals are redesigned for 2011 and now come with an amazing 5 year warranty. They are still super light and the quickest pedal I have ever clipped into. Yesterday was the arrival of the emergency Clif Bar stash! It was pretty brutal doing the shootout last weekend with 2 bottles of water and a banana for a 90 mile 70 degree suffer fest. The new Shots go down super smooth and taste even better. Gotta go out and try the new Citrus flavor! An occasional Clif Bar helps out while I'm constantly trying to replenish the calorie deficit from a long season.

It's also good to get a little $$$ in the mail too. Tax refunds. Of course its never enough! I had to go out and get a job last week. Its a good thing though. The crew at Trek Bikes of Tucson is good bunch of guys. I met Dave(owner) a few years ago through Tim Swift from Riverbrook. Dave's wife Candice raced jr mtb's with me back in the glory days. They are both super nice and its was awesome to be able to get a job and jump in head first and really feel like I'm able to be an asset to them in the short time I will be here. Stop by and say Hi if your in Tucson....I'll be there!

What's even cooler than working is commuting to work. It's a 15 mile ride one way. 90 miles on the commuter so far! It's all downhill on the way to work and its brisk in the morning so I don't arrive drenched in sweat. I can pretty much soft pedal and if I time the stop lights good I'm there in an hour. On the way home I can crush it if I want or I can enjoy the sunset. Just gotta be defensive in all the crazy Tucson traffic.

Did a couple of good MTB rides with Andrea this week. Wednesday we did Bug Springs to Prison Camp to Molino. Today we did Fantasy Island. It was brought back a lot of good memories riding out there especially after seeing the Jerry Hutchinson memorial. RIP Jerry we're still thinking about you.

Last night we went out for dinner for the first time since we have arrived. La Rua's. It was gooooood. Carne Seca Chimi followed by a Green Chile Tamale. The place claims to be the oldest Mexican joint in Tucson. 1922! They had the flavor category dialed after almost 90 years. Time to go fire up the grill for tonights dinner. Adios

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