Sunday, January 16, 2011


It's settled - Steelers AFC Championship Game - Packers NFC Championship Game! I can't wait for football next weekend! If 'IT' happens I will be 100% Steelers.

Also settling in quite nicely in Tucson. After about 4 days of fighting off a cold I finally won. Zinc, Echinacea, Vit C, Garlic, Cold Eeeze, and some R & R was all I needed to start getting back on track. Friday morning we hopped on the mountain bikes and hit the Jesse Owens Park Farmers Market, where we purchased some killer Tamales, we hit Broadway Bicycles, the bank, and the library. Friday evening it was back on the bike to search for a good place for Rosco to play Kong. The church that is about 300 meters down the road was the big winner even though we pedaled close to 15 miles and searched out multiple schools and parks.

Saturday morning it was time to get back on the bike, but I wasn't quite ready to jump in head first. Everyone in town was up bright and early for the Shootout, but I was heading up Mt. Lemmon. I needed to see how bad it was going to hurt after 2 weeks off the bike, traveling half way around the world, and getting sick. It hurt....I made it to the 14 mile marker. Over 6,000 ft elevation, and it was windy. I only had a 23 tooth rear cassette which wasn't big enough. When I turned into the headwind sections I was wishin' for a 27. A 3 hour ride and I was limpin' home.

Saturday afternoon = 8 hours at Buffalo Wild Wings watching my 2 favorite teams. One Black and Bleu burger, One plate of Ultimate Nachos, 5 Sprites, and one Chicken Wing that was hot enough to last the night.

Sunday 3:45 on the mtb shaking it down. With TJ Woodruff and John Beck. Depart from Spanish Trail, Ride up Reddington to the AZ Trail and then back down Milagrosa. It was some of the most technical stuff I've seen in a long time. No way was I going to clear everything. Probably a good 3 sections where I was off and walking and a couple more dabs thrown in for good measure. It was sweet to test the limits of the new Fuel....or maybe it was my limits.

We have now been in Tucson for one week is a photo from tonights Sunset.

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Frank Eeckman said...

What's happening in Tucson? More cyclocross? Or just spring training?