Sunday, January 02, 2011


We finished our last race today in Tervuren. It was brutally hard. The hardest race yet. I felt like I was battling with different guys the entire race. I felt better each lap, but the Belgians are so much better in the mud. I've only done roughly 15 Belgian cross races. Sven Nys does 30 a year. That's a huge difference. I think I finished 36th today. All in all better results than last year. Better feelings, but I still think I can go harder or have more in the tank. Had I not been pulled today 6 guys were within range of passing.

Hopefully soon the race will be on youtube.

Anyway we finished up our last night here in Belgian at a Frituur shop. Frites and Burgers. Then we came home for a Leffe and packed up our bikes. What more could you ask for...the Packers game streaming live!!! Better get on GO PACK GO

Flying home tomorrow! Next update from Sheboygan, Thanks for reading.


Frank Eeckman said...

Great stories !! Congratulations on your Belgian campaign!

geert said...

Hi Brian

Thanks for coming to belgium
respect for trying to go against Nys and co
hope to see you again next year




Craig said...

Love the Leffe. A quenching reward for a hard fought campaign. Great job man!