Monday, May 27, 2013

To enduro or not to enduro

Stage 2 of the Transylvania Epic is now in the books.  The race was good and hard!  38 miles of gnarly rocks roots and mud along with 5000 ft of climbing.  Ouch.  5 days to go...
Today started fast with Sam Koerber setting a blistering pace up the first ridiculous climb.  On the 2nd climb of the day Lindine and I started to chase.  15 miles in we came to the first enduro segment.  I stopped to swipe in and Justin had an instant 30 seconds.   I caught him by the end of the 1.5 mile segment only to stop again & swipe out...this time on a high speed section and the Honey Badger was out of site...I was questioning my tactics.
I finally bridged 15 minutes later on a birkie style rolling climb and the lead 3 were all together.
The next enduro swipe in was better and  I lost no time at all, but it got ugly on the swipe out...
My card wouldn't read for way to long...the race was going up the road.  Finally...beep and I was off.  Rallying with only 8 miles to go and in a tough rocky sectiion heard the dreaded hisssss.  Dang....5 minutes later and I was rolling again, but all by myself. 
So the big question?  Keep Enduro n'...this fresh leaders jersey says yup!  Tucson Fuel EX skills are paying off!!

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