Wednesday, May 29, 2013

TSE Stage 4 = Enduro = More Fun

Yesterdays Stage 3 more like a cross race battling it out w/ Honey Badger Lindine
Anybody recognize this SS Tucson icon...he kept us entertained on the transfers today.

Watch more video of 2013 Trans-Sylvania Epic Stage Race on

So far I have been having a blast at Transylvania Epic...but today was off the charts.  It was still a long day in the saddle with 4000 feet of climbing, but what goes up must come down.  I busted out the Trek Fuel EX 9....and wow....Just like I remembered it from Tucson...the green machine can rip!  Besides a plush plush ride, the Reverb dropper post and the pure power of the Shimano XT brake give me a ton of confidence on the bike.

Spent the day with the Singlespeeders!  They know how to party!

Sector 4 was pretty crazy and I was really pumped to clear it with all the photogs looking for the classic OTB shot....not from this flat lander!

Tonight I am upgrading to a hotel room to get a good nights sleep now that we are half way thru the race.  Time to go do some laundry...back to the pain train tomorrow.

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