Sunday, May 26, 2013

Transylvania Epic - Old Schoool MTBN'

We pulled into Bedford PA yesterday and it was like a scene from the movie Back To The Future...I couldn't believe the old school gas pumps and just how old school it felt.  Then we pulled up to the TSE Epic and it felt just like pulling up to my first ever race at the Garland Hammer.  Camping, partying, good music...its all about the atmosphere and this place has far its a must do race.

Add on to the great atmosphere the fact that the trails rule!  We did a pre-ride of the TT last night and it was like the Rhinelander WORS race on steroids.  So much fun to try to find some flow when there is none to be found.

The Superfly 100 and the 29 inch wheels definitely made things a little nicer.  So much faster when you can float over the top...hopefully over the course of the 7 days the energy savings will be beneficial.

Today was the Prologue TT.  I've never done a 7 day MTB Stage race before so I didn't want to go too deep into the red on day one.  I started nice and smooth and as the race progressed I started to feel the flow of the course and go faster and faster...but never over my head.  Definitely a race where slower is a little faster, but too slow = extra energy spent!

I finished 2nd place to Justin EuroCross Camp room mate from a few years ago....Justin was flying.  We both battled some lapped traffic and are looking forward to a clean track tomorrow.  I also finished 2nd in the Enduro Competition!!!  The endure competition is a race within the race with timed segments throughout each day.  You have to stop and swipe a card to start and it hurts my overall time, but its for fun!  All that Tucson training on Bug Springs and Milagrosa paid off!

Thanks for reading...internet is a little sketchy out here...hopefully more tomorrow after day 2!

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