Monday, February 12, 2007

ALS Spin-A-Thon

Motivation is starting to grow for the season....I rode Saturday at Synergy for the ALS Spin-A-Thon. It was pretty impressive. Lots of people riding, lots of free food, and lots of money raised for Lou Gehrigs Disease. The money raised went to the Blazeman foundation, a guy who completed the Hawaii Ironman with ALS. I only rode for an hour, I would have done more but I was at work the majority of the day. A few guys rode the full 16.5 hours....not really necessary for me. My next door neighbor from Pinckney who was partially to blame for getting me into mountain biking died from ALS recently so I was happy to go bust out an hour in honor of Art Schramm. It was my first ride on my new road bike, it felt fast, I was on rollers! Sunday finally warmed up a little so I went out for another 1 hour ride, this time hit the trails on the beach on the cross bike. It was good to get some fresh air. This morning I did another 30 min on the rollers then came in to work. New Crank Brothers pedals arrived today...I'm pumped. All three new bikes will be dialed by March 1st...the official start of the season.
I decided not to party saturday night at the Synergy Dance....but I do have some Old School Disco pictures...does anyone know where they still have a Disco Night?

Back in the day I could realy pick up the babes with those shoes! It was harder too choose my outfit than to get the ladies to dance with me!

Can anyone name the 2 Disco superstars? Unfortunately many Disco nights ended with torn crothes of the 70's Polyester was only cool if torn while money was being stuffed down them or if you just broke loose in a major dance circle...

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cjs said...

The two disco freaks are John "I am so California" Mesko and Skyler "Where's Skyler" Reeves.

Keep up the riding. The Triple Crown calls!