Saturday, February 24, 2007

The BIG Tease

The snow melts and 3 days ago I felt like I was here....

Now I am back in the basement on the rollers watching, with 6" of snow and the local news is telling me to prepare for a storm that might have the same effects and World War IV...."stock up on groceries" "at least 2 weeks worth" "buy propane" "don't leave the house" "....." on and on...

Last wednesday I put in an awesome 2:15 on the cross bike with Andrea and Tristan in near 50 degree temps. I was a little overdressed, but enjoyed every bit of fresh air. It was my first ride with the Garmin Edge 305...the thing rules. I can't wait to start more workouts and use it to full capacity.

Official training is just around the corner and I'm happy to be doing something a little differet this year. I have only had a coach once in my life and it was very beneficial.

In 1999 when Skyler Reeves & I first moved to Tucson we lived with 2 Czech racers and 1 Slovak along with Klement Capliar, a Czechoslovakian cycling coach and Hayes Brakes team manager, who took me from a mid pack Sr. Expert racer to winning Semi Pro,

to a top 20 Norba Pro. Unfortunately I only worked with Klement for 9 months. He was hugely instrumental in my cycling life, but he was a little, let's say, hard to work with...he was also an awesome with the Euros is a whole stroy in itself...

This particular picture Skyler and I wrote up the 1999 - 2000 Cyclocross World's results on an Excel spreadsheet with Americans sweeping the Podium in all events...they bought it for about 3 was hilarious...anyway

In 2007 it will be a new coach and hopefully better results... Check out ...TJ is a good friend and teammate, but I know his knowledge and an outsiders perspective will bring some positive changes to my training regime directly affecting my speed, performance, skills, results, confidence, training, routine, and mental state.

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