Thursday, February 08, 2007

Super Bowl

Super Bowl Party = Super Bad Driving Conditions

I decided to go for it and last weekend made the trek back to my hometown. Pinckney, MI home of the Potawatomi Trail. It was a brutal drive as you can see in the picture...I was able to snap a pic when the snow let up for a while. If we had this much snow in Sheboygan and it wasn't freezing balls I would be doing a lot more skiing.

It was awesome to go back to MI. I got to hang out with my best friend Andy and his wife Jill and their dog Ceci.

I got to see some other high school buddies, went out to eat at Zukey Lake Tavern ( a Pinckney classic) got to see the old neighborhood, and I got to go hiking on the Poto....not quite the same as riding, but it definitely brought back some memories. Getting T-Boned by a sheriff in a truck w/ Mesko, setting blistering fast laps, chilling by Silver Lake checking out the babes and eating French Fries, and crashing on a beer can after trying to nail it with my front tire.

The big game was good, the commercials were good, but it wasn't the Steelers. Driving through Chicago had to be embarassing for Bears fans, the day before the big game and I drove through town to see two cars with bears stickers and one business with some bears flags on top of the building. That would never happen in Pittsburgh or Green Bay. The Bears deserved to lose. The bears still suck! On the way home after the Bears lost I saw equally as little Bears Fans support. I also stopped at TJ's on the way home and bought some $2 chuck, french roast, and lots of dried fruits and nuts. Celebrity sightings at TJ's included Roberto Gaggioli in the Monex Team car and Frank Pipp.

Time is running out and its almost time to start some base building for the season. This weekend I will be at Synergy doing a spin a thon to raise money for ALS (Lou Gehrigs Disease) If you want to donate money stop by Bike N Ski, Synergy or you can pay through After the spin a thon Synergy is having a dance party. Who knows maybe I will have to bust something out! My two new mountain bikes and a new road bike are almost dialed and ready to start another season. Now I have to start the mental prep.

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