Thursday, February 01, 2007


Some good guesses...I'm impressed with the Catera guess....not quite right though....#35 was an Aussie - Luke Stockwell....also pictures....Me, Steve Larsen, Dave Wiens, Tinker Juarez, Travis Brown or Mike Lee off to the left behind #35, Jeremiah Bishop, XX ( Daryl Saul ) & ex Michigander Dan guy way back there I'm not sure who he is....anyway back in the day I thought it was a really cool photo and I taped it to the front of my training diary. One of these days when my scanner comes back I will copy some pages of the training diary when I used to train a lot....they are pretty amusing to go back and look at...a lot of the days were like this 110 miles, really tired, cold stone creamery and the name of a movie I watched at night. The commutes have been cold...Monday was 10 degrees and snowing...I have some good pictures I'll throw up of the commuter soon....back to work