Monday, July 30, 2007

24 - 9

24 Hours of 9 Mile.....24 more hours of pain after the brutal started like this and one of the many good things that happened was I was not the one doing a 500 meter dash in cycling shoes.

The team consisted of Marko, Jesse, and Doug...we killed it for 24 hours

Marko preparing for the night....

Crazy Karl getting the lights set

Doug feeling the Big Hurt after lap 6

Myself getting ready for lap 6

Chris Shaw Trek Team Manager & Duece

Blown out team support after 24 hours
The podium...

The prestige of the Matt Kenseth Nascar Pez Dispensor award
The crew and a huge thanks to the Trek Crew, Karl Hendickse, and the ladies who helped us out all night long....Happy Anniversary to Doug and Anne
PS - Congratulations to A. Matter official winner of the Bike N Ski Tour De France Points Competition!!!!!!!!


mountaingoat said...


here is a pic of you crossing the line for your team the final time too.

mountaingoat said...

Oops, try this:



2 time National Champion.............. NICE BRI !

Great job see you @ O2S !

b-matter said...

Thanks & Thanks

tooo tired to fix the messed up writing on the side of the pictures...maybe tomorrow


full story soon

spicyride said...

Congrats! way awesome.

D A N O said...

Is Doug wearing capri's?

Anonymous said...

They are officially called MAN-PRI'S.....Marko and Eatough were also wearing them.....maybe you could be next DANO