Monday, July 02, 2007


This picture I was flying...then,

yes I blew up like a firework yesterday at the Firecracker in Eau Claire. I consciously made the decision after lap 1 as I was starting to feel the pain that I was going to go for it no matter what. Mike Phillips singlehandedly caused me to explode like there was no tomorrow. I tried to respond to Jesse as he attacked me like it was Lance Armstrong vs my little sister....and I don't even have a little sister. I thought maybe chill for a while and latch onto the 2nd group....that worked for about a half lap and then it was power, no fluids, and no chance of was full detonation. I did what I could to ride the last two laps...but it was really slow going on the climbs....and there wasn't really even any climbs out there....So I finished. After the race Tim and I went out to dinner with a friend from High School who lives in was pretty cool to get bike racing off of my mind for an hour after the rough race.


D A N O said...

You will live to ride another day, my friend.

Tristan Schouten said...

You gonna come join my club now Brian??
We ride every other day for an hour at 10 mph and then recover the next day cause our legs hurt so much from the day before.
Sometimes we ride for an 1:15, but that's only sometimes if we're feeling really good. If there's a good tailwind we ride a little faster. Think about it.

b-matter said...

I'm going to join the club where I don't have to ride or think about riding for a full week....I started off last night by watching Beavis & Butthead Do America!~

Anonymous said...

hu hu hu, thatz cool