Friday, July 27, 2007

Super Weak!

I did it, proof is in the pudding on the fron page of the sports section in the Sheboygan Press. Enough to make a show for the home crowd for about 40 minutes before the torrential rains came and I pulled the plug. After the race I did have to ask myself was that worth buying a USCF license and a $37 entry fee? The race pretty much confirmed why I like mtbing a lot better than crit racing. The coolest part of the race was medical control at the finish line. We'll see if anything crazy comes up....Bergman won it last night and he was busted for EPO a few years back....he also swiped a pair of wheels from me at the Waterloo road race when I was up the road he bridged to me and the two of us rode away from the field....later on he attacked me twice my speed to take the victory and the wheels while on the juice. It's OK though I'm still using my Trek Team Duffle Bag that I won for 2nd place. The race was a perfect warm up for the weekend. Hopefully a good update will follow....

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