Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Needles and Narc's

After the big tour scandal a lot has chagned in the BNS TDF Points.......

There has been no disqualifacations in our competition as of now. Although I thought about the disqualifaction of Justin N. as he pretty much fully relied on Astana for his picks. I had regained the lead until Rasmussen lost the KOM jersey today...bummer I need something good to happen because I am slipping down the ranks as the riders approach France.

Tomorrow I am going to test out my left hand cornering ability in the Sheboygan Superweek race, and then Karl H and I are going back up to Wausau for more "Caffeine and Nicotine"
Looking forward to another 24 hour suffer fest w/ little to no sleep. We'll see what sort of competition shows up....

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