Saturday, July 07, 2007


I figured with the Tour De France on the horizon I should take a rest week....So after Eau Claire it has been pretty much chill. Now after so much rest it's time for vacation. Off to Eagle River after work today! Here is what went down last week....

We started Monday night w/ some in house surgery...NURSE MOM and ER Hildebrand were at it passing out this time though...bummer

We followed that up w/ Beavis & Butthead Do America...

4th of July started w/ a cruise to Bike N Ski to pick up the LIME bikes so we could check out the Parade in style...then it was over to the bike corrall to put in some volunteer time and safeguard some of Sheboygan's finest bicycles. A classic 4th of July cookout w/ corn on the cob, watermelon, grilled chicken...mmmmmm

We also went out to see some of Sheboygan's finest in action at the Fireworks Display....Dudeism was at the top of the food chain that night at Shooting Park....classic quote of the night..."Low IQ + PBR + Firworks = Trouble" As the firework tipped on its side pointed right at our group and exploded ino our ear drums, it was time to move to a new location.

Now it's time for the TOUR and the BIKE N SKI Points Competition.....8 or 9 of us have picked riders in the Tour in these catergories....Top 3 in Prolouge, Top 5 Overall, Top 3 Green, Top 3 Polka, Top White, w/ stage 13 and 19 being the tie breaker....what's on the line is pictured below!

It's on and I'm hoping the MTB'ers do me to Eagle River! FFFLLLLOOOOYYYYDDD!

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