Monday, October 12, 2009

Bio-Wheels - United Dairy Farmers

The drive home last night was brutal.....immediately from the finish line to the car and a 7.5 hour drive home. Work this morning to get the shop back to normal after a fair amount of product went over to the WORS race this past weekend.

Andrea had an awesome race in Sheboygan and finished 4th with some really tough competition. I could tell she was ready to have a good race, but then she told me she was feeling sick Saturday morning. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I think she rode her best race of the year! I'm really happy for her to finish off the season with a great result. Maybe I can convince her to come to Iceman???
It's not official but I think I won the WORS Overall for the 3rd time! It's not official, but according to Don's math Andrea should move into 5th place overall in the series!

The Bio Wheels race was the last of 3 for the Cincinnati Cyclocross Festival....I finished 6th and Marko was 7th. It was kind of like doing a WCA or a WORS...just the 2 of us riding along. I lined up behind Marko and he didn't clip in right away. We both kind of got swarmed on the line. I'm pretty sure I had too much tire pressure and a small gap opened around the first 180 degree turn. Troy went to the front and killed it and the gap grew. I was chasing with Marko on my wheel the first lap. The second lap Marko came by me in the sand pit and started to help with the chase...2 corners later a little kid ran into the course and Mark was over the bars.....I think the kid would have been clear, but the dad yelled and the kid hesitated and that was it....I wasn't sure what to do and slowed up for a minute...once I saw Mark was back on the bike I started going and soon after he latched onto my wheel, but there was no way were closing the gap. We traded pulls for the next 6 or so laps and with 1 to go I got a small gap after the run when Marko couldn't clip in and held it to the finish.

I think I have raced 15 weekends in a row or at least it feels like I'm looking forward to a week off....Thanks to Team Half Acre for holding the bike in the pits, thanks to Gear Grinder, Blue Bikes(which worked awesome all weekend), and Hyundai(32 MPG at 80mph saves some gas money) Easton/Bell, Crank Bros, and Oakley


devin said...

Good job on all levels now time to focus on the Ice Man... Be here before you know it.. Triple Crown??

Anonymous said...

Andrea was a rockstar out there! She did great. I had so much fun racing with her. Tell her congrats for me.