Tuesday, October 06, 2009

up north

Well after a weekend up at the cabin in Eagle River it's back at it....Cinncinati here I come....I can't wait for some more of this!
It was a pretty good weekend except for a few mechaincal problems at the race in Bear Paw. Andrea and I drove up to the cabin on Saturday for a relaxing evening. Slept in Sunday morning before making the 1 hour drive to Langlade. With lots of math going through my head trying to calculate WORS points I was ready to rock after a week of rest.
Marko was a no show and all the math went out the window....what I didn't calculate was the quick loss of air at the top of the first climb. I cracked my CO2 as I was riding down the double track and as soon as I found a good spot I quickly inflated the tire....it was weird to me that I heard the bead snap back into place....so I hopped on a started to chase. 15 minutes later the leaders were in sight again, but my tire was again down to 10psi....this time I stopped and fixed it proper with a new tube....small problem though, not enough air to seat the tire on...oh well...so I did the rest of the race with 20psi and 2 big wobbles in the tire....finished 6th. Andrea finished 5th. We both really liked the more technical course! Andrea also won Fall Color Fest 20miler the weekend before while I was racing the USGP!
With one race to go in the WORS points I am winning and Andrea looks like she is in 6th overall. We'll see what happens in Sheboygan. After the race it was back to the cabin to enjoy the fall colors and watch the Steelers! I'm going to stay with my good buddy Karew down in OH so it should be a good weekend!

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