Monday, October 26, 2009

Derby City Cup

Day 2 of the USGP in KY finished with nearly the same result as Day 1.....11th place. This time things seemed completely opposite though. I had a much better start and was top 10 off the pavement. Half way through the lead lap I found myself trailing the lead group and by the end of the lap I was leading the chase group. A few laps later I bridged up to Troy and Frattini with Marko, McGrath, and Bergman in tow. With 3 or 4 laps to go it was down to 3 of us racing for 9th. I led the entire last lap hoping for a mistake by one of the other 2 riders, but no luck and didn't have anything left for the sprint.

Overall it was a great weekend with some great racing. I like the trip down to KY and the spectators always seem to like me down there! Especially my mom!

Thanks again to all my CX Sponsors....Gear Grinder, Hyundai, Blue, Easton-Bell Sports, Crank Bros & Oakley next up ICEMAN!!!

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J A Ruppert said...

Enjoyed cheering and ringing the cowbell for you at both Cincy UCI and L-Ville. You and J-Pow seem to be fan favorites in the Ohio River Valley. Thanks for the good show.