Friday, October 09, 2009


Rain Rain go Away......Legs Legs come back today.....

That's the story of the Day #1 at the UCI International Cyclocross Fest in Cincinnati. It was a muddy one and a special thanks goes out to Karew for rocking the pits for me.....good thing I had an A bike and a B bike w/ sweet Easton wheel and Dugast Rhino tyres!

I had a pretty bad start and was overly cautious on the first off camber muddy section. As soon as I hit the next section though I was past 10 dudes and onto Molly's wheel.
I pretty much stayed 20 seconds behind him the entire race until he caught Troy on the last lap and had some extra motivation. I felt good in the mud, but no power on the climbs. Marko killed it finishing 4th....

The coolest part of the day was the custom number plates! Oh yeah and the 10oz Garbage Burger from Max & Irma's mmmm!

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