Tuesday, November 16, 2010

FT. Collins - new BELGIUM!

Like I said in my last update. Belgium, It's ON!

I had a little taste of some true cross weather and mud this past weekend in Ft. Collins, but the air was a little thinner. I did manage to finally crack the top 10 on Sunday and I'm sitting 12th in the USGP points, just 3 points away from a top 10 in the series!

Sheboygan was represented in full force!

It's a really quick turn around before I leave tomorrow morning. So I'll leave you with a couple photos and hopefully another update from Athens OH in a few days.

I have put up a donation link below for those who want to help. This year I'll be staying with Mark Lalonde. We are renting our own guest house, renting a car, hiring a mecahnic, and trying to figure things out on our own! It's a bit more challenging than EuroCrossCamp, but its going to be pretty cool to stay at the Hof Ter Kammen a kilometer from the Koppenburg in the heart of Flanders!

Another huge thanks to Bruce Leblanc from the Flying Rhinos cycling club in MI for donating another set of frequent flyer miles to get me over to Belgium.

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