Thursday, November 25, 2010


Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

I'm hanging at the in-laws getting ready for a killer turkey day dinner. This will be the second in 3 days!

After Sundays repeat win in North Carolina, Elicia and I headed back to Athens for a little vacation. Andrea had flown in to Columbus that morning and was able to hang with the crew from Athens Bicycle while E and I were racing. Monday after the double race weekend was pretty much a wash. I was smashed...and had just enough energy to head out for a ride in the near perfect temps with my Dad, A & E.

Tuesday I was feeling a little better and spent the day getting caught up on some bike maintenance while Andrea and Elicia made killer Turkey dinner #1. They cooked up a fully Vegan dinner that was tied for the best Thanksgiving feast I've ever had!!!

Back in Tucson in the year 2002 I smoked a Turkey with Mesquite from a tree in our back yard. It was amazing.
Next up....Jingle Cross! See you there.

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