Saturday, November 27, 2010


Another quick one day turn around at home and the Hyundai was loaded again. Again Elicia and I were headed south, but this time only a 5 hour drive. I think if Sven Nys had to go 5 hours to a race he wouldn't do it.....and I think 5 hours is my back yard. We left home around 12:30 and arrived to Mt. Krumpit in all its glory under the lights at about 5:30pm with 2 hours until race time.

A quick trip over to registration, followed by 15 minutes of digging through my bag to find the right clothing. I managed to get one lap on the course before the pro womens race. It was icy and cold. The course was pretty sweet though with a new flyover and a crazy descent down Mt. Krumpit.

Back to the car to get a good warm up on the trainer, a quick swap of the clothes and to the start line. It was the deepest field ever at Jingle Cross. I had a solid start 5th wheel for the first 2 laps. At the top of Mt. Krumpit on lap 3 it started going downhill. Chris Jones crashed in front of me. 4 guys went by. I started trying harder then crashed on an icy gravel road. one guy goes by me. i try to bridge the gap back to Wells and I crash again going down Mt. Krumpit....flustered i have to take it easy for a few laps. I ended up passing 4 guys on the last lap to finish 9th.

I smashed my knee really good on one of the crashes. Hopefully it loosens up a little after a lap or two today. Tristan is still gluing up his tires...

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