Monday, November 29, 2010

Jingle Cubed

3 days of racing in the legs and I'm feeling pretty good. I never felt like I had the snap over the weekend so I rode steady the entire weekend and never pushed it over the limits. Hopefully that means I can recover good from the last three days and get a little rest and relaxation at home before heading out to Portland. I'm pretty excited to head out and hang with my old school buddy G-Heitman from Clif Bar.
After that I will be staying the week in OR to prepare for Nationals in Bend. Next update from Portland....until then you can check out this.

Thanks to the following fine folks for donating:

Bruce Leblanc

Amy Dykema

Jason Lummis

Paul Weaver

Jim Michler

Ned Purtell

Another huge thanks to all my sponsors for their continued support. And a huge thanks to John Meehan for putting on another great weekend of racing in the Midwest!

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