Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Training = A Day At The Beach

The Kocksijde World Cup venue " ain't got nuttin' " on Sheboygan when it comes to riding on the sand! Todays training consisted of 35 miles on the beach. It was 25 degrees outside the majority of the day with a pretty solid west wind at 10-15 mph. Light snow flurries. Kind of just like Belgium right now.

What to do? The same old boring ride again? Sometimes it feels really good to do something completely different. Taking the cross bike on the frozen beaches of Lk Michigan is your answer. It's like your riding on the moon. Its cold, its windy, its isolated....just you and some birds, some frozen fish, and if your lucky some deer or a bald eagle.

It was a J-TREE kind of day. Citrus Embrocation on the legs, Spicy Cinnamon on the lower back, and the J TREE SPF Winter Stick for the face. Gotta have some SPF when you go to the beach.

My days of training at home for the 2010 season are coming to a quick end. It was sweet to finish it off with a perfect beach perfect I even ran a road tire on the back. I'll be on the road all but 2 days in December...wish me luck!

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