Monday, December 06, 2010


Friday...a full day of travel started with a little panic as both of my seatposts were frozen into my frames as I was packing to leave for the airport. Smart thinking from Andrea had the problem solved in no time and soon I was off for the adventures of travel with bikes, wheels, and gear bags. I thought I got off pretty good with only $165 fee from United. $25 for the first bag, $35 for the second bag and an extra $100 because it was overweight. They didn't even charge me the bike fee??? 70lbs for my 2 bikes and my double bike pro case. I carried on my duffle bag and back pack only to check my duffle bag at the gate anyway...but at least it saved $100 for the 3rd piece of luggage. Milwaukee to Chicago - 3 hour layover and then Chicago to Portland.

My good buddy Garett Heitman and Papa Heitman were waiting for me at the airport with smiles. It was awesome to see them both. Last time I saw Papa Heitman I was probably 20 years old racing semi-pro at the Norba at Snowqaulmie Pass in WA. Last time I saw Garett was 7 years ago. We had a blast hanging out in downtown Portland!

The racing wasn't quite what I was hoping for, but it was somewhat solid. 15th Saturday which was good enough for 1 UCI point and another 15th Sunday. My worst USGP results of the season... I thought Saturday was a rough day because of the travel on Friday, but the legs weren't there Sunday either. Sunday felt better but pretty much raced the whole day by myself. I missed the chase group on lap 2 and watched them put 5 - 10 seconds on me every lap. I was really hoping for 5 spots better and a top 10 overall. Instead I finished out the series with a 13th overall 6 USGP points from 10th. Not bad for my first full season of USGP action, but I know I can go better.

I think I have raced every weekend for the last 2.5 months. My legs definitely felt a little stale so I'm looking forward to a full week of rest. I'm staying with my cousin just south of downtown Portland. The rest started off really good last night with a Steelers divisional rivalry win over the Ravens! Time to go clean the bikes...

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