Saturday, December 18, 2010


I'm not one that knows much about religion, but today in Belgium you would have thought that Jesus awoke form the dead. The Belgies loved the beard! One dude yelled go Borat as another yelled go Beardy, but the majority of the superfans were cheering for Jesus! I couldn't help but laugh as I completed the first 3 ronde's of the course.

The race earlier today was the first of this seasons
Euro Cross campaign. The Scheldecross in Antwerpen was part of the Fidea Cup. The day started with another so so nights sleep and a snowy traffic jammed drive to the race. We made it to Inschripjion with 2 hours before the start. A quick set up of the tent and we were off to check out the course. It was -3 celsius. The course was pretty much a single track down the middle of the course with only one good line. The majority of the corners were black ice. The flyover, a metal bridge, was pure ice and I was scared I wasn't even going to make it up and over. It was very similar to Kalmthout last year.

I had a solid call up thanks to my
trip down to
North Caroline. 3 row out of 7 rows. Unfortunately I had last choice in the 3rd row and was forced to the outside around the first corner. The second corner I was on the inside and hooked a bar on the railing. The rest of the race was solid. I could have been a little more agressive on the first 2 laps, but I didn't want to crash. After 2 laps I started picking guys off one by one. With 5 laps to go I started to cramp. I think I was dehydrated from the trip across the ocean, but I'm pretty happy with a 35th place.

Now that I blew some smoke out of the legs I'm hoping to get on a good sleep schedule and start racing faster and faster. Time to go do some laundry and clean up dinner.

Huge thanks to Andrea and Elicia for an awesome post race dinner and support at the race. And a huge thanks to Gregory for all the hard work prior to our arrival.

I think tomorrows World Cup can be viewed at or

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Good thing your practice all those stairs in Falls it looks like. Keep it up....