Friday, December 17, 2010


Bike Path Warriors.....

That was us on day 2. Crushing the bike path in Belgium. A fine bike path it is. It was an old railway and now they converted it to a bike path. It was pretty much the only place where it was safe to ride. Every other bit of Belgium was cover with a thin layer of black ice. The bike path runs parallel to the hills. Each of the famous climbs in Belgium can be found at the base of these hills.

Our pad is pretty sweet. The Hof Ter Kammen. A sweet bed and breakfast about 3km from the Koppenberg and 3 km from the Oudenaarde Centrum.

Lyne from Podium Insight arrived yesterday without her bags. Marks bikes arrived lat night just in time to be built up and head to tonights race in Antwerpen. I'm not quite so sure, but you might find a streaming TV link at

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