Tuesday, December 14, 2010


The biggest and best US race of the year and it was over before I knew it...
First of all I'd like to say 'Job Well Done' to the crew who was behind putting on the race in Bend. The course was awesome. The venue was awesome. The spectators were awesome. The weather was awesome. All in all the best CX race I've ever been to in America.

For me it was over way too fast.

I started good. Was 7th or 8th off of the pavement. I was a little cautious on the right hander before the pits because I didn't want to case a rock and flat. The next corner and the race was over. I crashed into a few riders who piled up in front of me and went down. Travis Livermon crashed into the back of me and his foot went through my rear wheel. We were both calm and by the time I got his foot out of my wheel we were in the 50's. I pedaled once and heard the broken spoke flapping against the frame. I pedaled twice and the spoke got caught under the chain and in the cassette and began to wrap around the hub. I kept pedaling because I was going forward. As soon as I hit the first pavement I had to soft pedal just to make it to the pits then I was in 70th - 80th 90th....as soon as I had to pedal hard to make it up a little hill my chain skipped over the spoke...I coasted and ripped the der off. Game over 1:30 minutes into the race. A little bummed, but I know stuff like that happens and it doesn't happen to me too often so I'm lucky in that respect. I'm also lucky because I get to do it again this weekend in Europe!

The guys at Blue kept the bikes clean all weekend and were going to work the pits for me, thanks. Also have to say a huge thanks to my cousin Mike and his wife Terri and daughter Marley who put me up in Portland for the week and allowed me to use their van to drive to Bend and back. They had a sweet place and I was able to fully relax and train to prepare for the race.
Next update from Oudenaarde, Belgium! Waffle Time!
Even more thanks to those who donated:
Paul Warloski
Mom & Dad
John & Nora Beck
Jessica Gammey
Renee Callaway
Dan Schuster
Mike & Chris Hildebrand


Anonymous said...

bummer dude...I'm an anonymous, but interested follower of you from Idaho and I wondered what happened when I saw that you placed so low. Keep your chin up. You are a great rider and have a great blog. Good luck in Europe.

SlowRacer said...

That's the breaks man. Atleast it wasn't the end of your season. Off to Belgium then, have fun race hard. Toottles