Sunday, December 19, 2010

Kalmthout WC

It was a slightly frustrating day. I felt like I never quite found a good rhythm on the course. Again it was icy and snowy. Yesterdays ice must have been slightly different because I could rail any line I not the case. Even with lower tire pressure something was a little off. Mid way through race (4 laps) to go I made the right turn on the start/finish and realized I had a front flat. Unfortunately I had to do two U turns on pavement and come down a metal flyover onto pavement before I could pit. It was scary! I got a new bike and chased on to the back of a small group with Mark and another rider. I sat on for a half lap adjusting to the feel on the new tires.....Way too hard so I pitted again...with 3 laps to go I was back on track. 2 laps to go I started to good again and was pretty pumped I wasn't going to get lapped. Getting ready to start the last lap and the UCI official pulled me...WTF it was like 2 - 2.5 minutes before the leaders came through for the finish. I easily could have pedaled the 200 meters andgone through the start finish without being lapped. Last year at Zolder I battled Pauwels for an enitre lap!

Andrea was waiting for me at the finish...I didn't make it there....she had the car keys and was stuck in the mass of 20,000 spectators. I went back to the van and froze my ass off for 20 minutes.....frustrating.....arghhhh...

Hoping tonight is the night I can finally sleep through the and sleep are still jacked for sure....maybe its because I haven't had a waffle yet.....time for a trip to Brugge!

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