Sunday, December 26, 2010

Zolder & Belgian Matter Supporters

The highlight of the day. The start of the Belgian Matter Fan Club. These guys found me at the tent before the race, yelled at me in the race, and consoled me after the race. It was rad!

Today I got a World Class ass kickin'......not sure why really, but its super frustrating. I didn't even get to race really. I had a good start, then the normal chaos of the first 5 corners. I opted to run rather than risk a crash. Still in good position I
mounted my stead, but couldn't clip in....oh well another hill and more chaos....pass more guys running. 1:30 into the race it spreads out a little and you can start to race rather than battle for position. I still can't get clipped in...I make it to the pits where there is some pavement and manage to clip in my right foot. At least I can pedal a little now. Oh yeah I'm in last place. I make it to the end of the lap do the run up,(check out the picture of Danny The Nanny) it was steep, and again can't clip in with both feet.

Down the entire start/finish stretch which is quite long and I can't clip in??? Not only can I not clip in...I'm in last place...and I'm trying to pedal with balls of ice under my feet. Lap 2 was horrible, Each time I have to pedal hard when I think my right foot is in, it comes out and I smash my shin on my pedal, or knee on my stem. Not fun...start lap 3 and I knew it was over. Already 6 minutes down after 2 laps...why am i doing this??? Oh yeah its because these crazy Belgie's are yelling for me and I love this stuff..... My legs want to unleash some fury and tomorrow I just might have another chance! Diegem at live at 5:00pm EST which is 10:00am WI time and 11:00am Mich. time. Mark finished up in the top 50 in one of the toughest World Cup's of the year...only 29 guys finished on the lead lap.

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geert said...

Aw man
if it do's not kill you it makes you stronger

Where do i sign up for belgian matters supporters club