Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Part 2

Mentally I have divided my Euro campaign into 3 parts. Part 1 was the initial shock of the 2 races and a little bit of being a tourist in Brugge. Now Andrea and Elicia have departed and we begin Part 2. Part 2 if pretty much preparation for part 3! It starts with trying to get a full night sleep. I think the last solid sleep I had was on the airplane.....and thats a bad sign. Each night I wake up around 1:30 - 2:00am SMBO and then I can't fall asleep for another 2 to 4 hours. Then morning comes way too early once I finally do fall asleep.

Part 2 continues with some solid training and we got off to a good start today. I had the desire to go to the EuroCrossCamp training race in Izegem to hang with some of the guys, but it was way to dangerous to ride that far on the roads. Melting snow, hidden ice, and fog like you wouldn't
believe. Mark and I attempted a short loop around Oudenaarde, but when the fog got too thick and the bike lane too narrow we were forced back to the trainer. A solid effort and more on the plate for tomorrow. Part 2 also means more stretching, better hydration, more calories(not brats waffles, chocolate and frites) and more mental focus.

Part 3 is race race recover race race recover race race pack up and fly home!

I already miss part 1 was awesome to have Andrea and Elicia here. I drove them to the Oudenaarde train station early this morning and it looks like they should have made it to the airport on time considering their plane was delayed 2.5 hours. I'm hoping they changed their flights and show up at the front door of the Hof Ter Kammen any minute now...

Yesterday was pretty awesome hangin out....Mark & I explored some more cobbled climbs while the girls went for a run up the Koppenburg. Then we took the townies for a major chocolate run so the girls could bring home the best chocolate in the world back to Sheboygan trip and a visit to the Tour of Flanders Museum. Right now they have an ode to Belgian Cyclocross World Champs! I think I saw Andrea in the picture of Prince Albert winning in Hoogerheide!

We saw Freddy Maertens should check out his results!

3 days till X-Mas and then the racing is full on...

It's not too late to donate...I still have to get my bikes back home on the plane and its highly doubtful that I'll be as lucky as I was on the way here!

Thanks to Scott Roehrborn and Carrie Hildebrand for their donations.

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Chris Newlin said...

No Ham and Cheese count this season? Ham has special enzymes that will aid sleep... looks like fun over there!