Monday, December 27, 2010

Diegem is het beste!

Diegem is my favorite stop on the Euro CX circuit hands down. Racing under the lights. A super cool course w/ steps, drops, sand, snow, mud, and pavement. A huge Discotech with a great party atmosphere. Tons of people watching. Lots of people cheering for the Americans and Jesus and the Matter Fan Club was on the back side of the course!!! I didn't get to talk to the guys, but I raced fast for them! At least a lot faster than Zolder. I still have more in me...

I didn't have a great start, which in the snow means you can't really have a good first lap or second lap for that matter. Everyone gets lined up on the one good line and goes single file, the gaps open, but you have to take a huge risk to get off of the good line to pass. Most of the time that risk results in a crash and then your further back in the line. By the time things opened up and you could pass I was in 48th.

I started moving forward pretty fast. Bridged up to the group of the Americans on lap 3. Went through the group and started to move forward again on lap 4. Caught a few more guys, but ran out of real estate. I was lapped again, but at least I was racing today. 35th position. No major problems with my pedals or shoes today, but still not the best clipping in...going to try to swap some things out and make some changes.

The coolest part of the day by far was an interview and photo shoot for! One of Belgians only CX magazines. It was like glamour shots, but at a cross race. Journalist Simon Lamon and photographer Kristof Ramon hooked it up big time. I can't wait to see the article and the photos!

4 races down 4 races to go. Tomorrow is a rest day and then the biggest cross race competitor wise of the year in Loenhout.


devin said...

Good job out there today looked like a fun race I was yelling for you and Marko..
Rest then Represent the Wisco

Anonymous said...

Go Brian, go!

Your Basque (Spanish) friends from Of Ter Kammen.

Best wishes to you for your Belgium stage.


b-matter said...

Gracias mis amigos!

Stephen said...

Try putting vaseline on the pedals and cleats. It seems to work for me.