Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back In Belgium

I knew things were going to be good when we checked in at United Airlines and the charged us $0 for the bikes, wheels, and luggage! I couldn't beleive it....then I got on the class was just as sweet as first class, except there was a guy next to me. 3 course meal, wine, desert, post dinner liquor, and of course a full recline!

We arrived on time w/ all of our luggage. Mark didn't get his though...bummer. We arrived in Oudenaarde hit the grocery store, built the bikes, and went for a little spin.

Now its time for bed....a little lack of sleep setting in now.

Pic's tomorrow!

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Carrie Hildebrand said...

Please do the following things for your sis n' law: 1.) Drink a beer 2.) Eat frites 3.) Eat waffles 4.) Eat chocolate. Oh, and give kisses to my sisses.