Friday, March 18, 2011

Grabin' and Gettin' er done

The Grab N Git was tonight....start at the shop. 5 unknown stops. Grab a map and git pedaling. I've been unsuccessful in this even multiple times, but this year I was ready! The Top Fuel was back in working order and with 6 years experience I felt I knew my way around town pretty good. I grabbed my map and had my route planned. I knew exactly where 4 out of the 5 stops were and I had a darn good idea of the location of the finish line.

I took off and I was right behind multiple time Grab N Git winner and local legend Jim Schulz. I followed him for a little bit before attacking him before the first big climb up to stop number 1. I got a gap but he knew a secret shortcut to stop number 2 and beat me there. I followed him to stop number three (which was by far the hardest to find) but the most fun with the random article of clothing! We worked together to find the stop with 2 sets of eyes being better than one. After that I knew the next 2 stops and the finish and tried to drop Jim as much as possible, but each time I veered off the path he would take a local shortcut and pop out ahead of me. Jim sucked my wheel all the way to the finish after the final stop. Rumor is I won, but nothing official yet! We pretty much tied at the finish line, but the real winner is determined by stop number 2's lucky or unlucky cork. Time bonus or time penalty can make or break your Grab N Git and usually end up doing just that!

ps - Jim was rocking the Portland w/ 700c's and I was on the Top Fuel 9.9

This morning I pedaled out to Lake Hope with Pete and marked the out and back route...rumor is the actual race course is going to be well marked this year, but I'm sure the locals are doing everything possible now to help me get lost out there! Whatever happens it'll be fun.

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