Thursday, March 17, 2011


Well it's that time of year again! Gravel Rouser 2011 is upon us...

We've been in Athens for about 10 days now. The weather is finally coming around just for the GR! I've done a few good road rides and a few good mtb rides until 2 days ago when I was riding the Thunderbunny trail and before I knew it my r. der. was upside down and ripped off of my bike. major bummer. Luckily the fine folks at Athens Bicycle have a brand new r. der on the way and in no time I'll be back on the horse.

Tonight was the St. Patty's Super D and without my trusty steed I had to turn to a familiar friend. Dad's old Top Fuel 98. It's been there before and has proven a worthy champion on more than one occasion at the Gravel Rouser. With a little TLC it was up for the task again tonight! Although the competition keeps gettin' a little closer. Tomorrow I'll be going for my first Grab N Git stage win.....wish me luck I'll need it!

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