Sunday, March 20, 2011

Headin' Home?

GRC 2011 is in the books. Again the crew from Athens put on a great show and we all had a blast rousin' the gravel and gettin' ready for spring....too bad Andrea and I are headed back to the great white north where its not going to be spring for another month or two.

Saturday we logged in a solid 55 miles of dirt roads and a singletrack race at Lake Hope. Highlight of the day was dad making his first journey out on the gravel for the year and his first stage of a Gravel Rouser. Local OU collegiate race Derek Bissett made me work pretty darn hard for the win....he had some serious skills on the descents and was pretty strong at the beginning....luckily for me he chose poorly with a single speed and suffered on the last few climbs towards the finish. We finished the day off with a GRC BBQ and then topped it off with some NCAA wrestling!

Sunday morning we were at it again for the best singletrack in the area. Sells Park / Strouds Run is amazing. A little soggy, but amazing. After, we said our goodbye's and headed home to bust out some laundry and clean some thrashed mtb's. We started a little packing and had one last good night hanging with mom and dad. Tomorrow morning we hit the road....

I haven't been home for more than 2 or 3 days in a row since Iceman! Pretty cool that I can pull that the dream....but really looking forward to being home. I have a list of home improvement chores that is a mile long! Just so I don't get shell shocked I am going to take a little trip to Michigan for Barry Roubaix 4 days after I get home! I'll be on the road again before I know it....

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