Saturday, March 05, 2011


OUCH - That hurt....we packed up Monday morning to leave Tucson. We arrived Friday night in Athens. 2,300 miles in 5 days. 5 days in the car was pretty brutal. Rosco was a trooper.

Our first stop was another section of the AZ trail for our last mtb adventure in the desert w/ the Buermans and Massey's. We crashed the Buerman's condo in Mesa for Ann's 50th birthday Monday night!!!

Tuesday morning we killed some time in the morning so we could go out to lunch with another friend from Pinckney who resides in AZ.....Brad Palumbo. From there it was up to Prescott to visit yet more friends from Pinckney. The Reeves just purchased a new house in Prescott, AZ and were happy to have us as guests. We went for a little hike and then went out to dinner for our last burrito in AZ.

The next morning we were off to the Grand Canyon - WOW!

After the trip through the Canyon we drove about 8 hours to Albuquerque, NM. Another 12.5 hours to Joplin NM the next day. Yesterday was the final day in the car....another 12.5 hours in the car and we made it to Athens. Next up Gravel Rouser followed to Barry Roubaix! Final thoughts.....another sweet vacation is coming to an end.

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Keely said...

That shot of Roscoe is great!