Friday, September 09, 2011

and the Winner is.....

and the Winner is......The Packers!  What a game and I was there to watch it!!!  Amazing atmosphere....
With a little help from the new SONY I made this Panoramic Photo from the game!

Andrea and I met up with Michelle Peariso and her dad for the game.  I was a little nervous when we got into the red zone(outside of Lambeau with a Kid Rock concert going and "a lot" of crazed Green and Gold Packer Backers) and the cell phones didn't work.  Luckily we found each other at the last minute.  The energy in Lambeau from the National Anthem through the first quarter all the way until the last play of the game was greater than any other game I have witnessed!  

and the Winner is........Shimano.  A couple days ago I went over to the local cyclocross park for a major testing session.  With some tires glued up and the bikes ready to go it was time.  Last year braking was my biggest problem/concern.  So this year I wanted things to be dialed.  Last weekend I spent some time in Eagle River resurfacing brake pads for some real fun!
You know your not BIG TIME when...

With HED wheels on board I knew I was going to be a lot better off with the Ardennes when the going got sloppy, but I still wanted the best braking control out there.  Soon disc brakes will change the game, but until then I had to see what worked best for me.  I tested the Shimano CX 70's vs the Avid Ultimates.  Shimano was the big winner after every brake pad/rim surface combo imaginable.  In the end I felt the Avid were stronger than the TRP's from last year, but the Shimano had the consistent power and reliability at all speeds with all pads and rims.  I'm pretty pumped to have found a canti brake that feels as good as a V-Brake.

The best canti's I've ever used!

and the Winner is.......Sony!  That's right Sony.  I am doing this update on a new Sony Vaio Z Series laptop computer.  Coaching is going awesome.  I have great interaction with my clients and with cross season coming soon I needed a fast reliable way to stay on top of the job while on the road.  I have been wanting a new laptop since the first year I went to Belgium and borrowed one from a friend.  Now that I am working online everyday I had the perfect excuse to go and buy one.  I have some serious power at my fingertips!  Blue-Ray, LED HD screen, SSD, super thin, super light, super fast!

Sony Vaio Z Series!!!

and the Winner is.....??? WORS #10 for the series overall this weekend and its been a battle this year between Tristan and I.  Some bad luck for me that cost me the WORS win in the Mt. Morris short track.  A misjudged sprint for Tristan that cost him the win in Wausau.  A roadie coming in late in the game and stealing a win from me in Green Bay.  With a 10 point deficit, mathematically I have to win and Tristan has to DNF this Sunday.  I'm not holding my breathe, but I'll do everything I can to go my part of the deal done.  It will be my last race of the WORS season either way.  Then its game time at Cheq and CX season!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,

Glad to hear that coaching is going well. Good luck this year at Chequamegon. What are your thoughts of having C Vande Velde in the field this year? Do you think our fast midwest racers will give him a run for his money?