Tuesday, September 06, 2011

UP North

Labor Day weekend!  Hopefully not, but it might be may last chance to go up to Eagle River before the chaos of cross season begins.  So we took full advantage.  Friday after Andrea finished work we loaded up the Hyundai(again) and made the 4 hour journey to the north woods.  Saturday was a hard day of training for me and a trip into Eagle River for Andrea followed by what felt like the last summer meal.  Burgers, corn on the cob, fresh garden veggie salad, and baked beans.  We kind of transitioned into fall mode after the dinner by going outside (brrrrr) for a camp fire and some smores!

Michigan Youth Cycling's Jeff Buerman having a post race beer w/ Andrea
We awoke Sunday morning and figured if we are already this far north we might as well go a little more for some amazing trails and the company of some good friends!  Destination; Copper Harbor Fat Tire Fetival!  We pulled in the parking lot after a 3 hour drive of rain and 55 degrees and the rain stopped and the sun started peaking through the clouds.  A mountain biking miracle!  We parked right next to Buerman and the Michigan Youth Cycling crew.  
Andrea after her WIN w/ Caleb from THE BIKE SHOP in Houghton
The race was started out casual, but instantly took a turn as we veered off the main road and headed up Brockway MTN!  It was a real climb and a shock to the system!  I was tired from the hard training and could feel it right away.  Good thing we had an amazing 12 minute descent on the FLOW trail after the climb!!!  At the bottom of the descent the lead group of 4 was established along with Pete K from Junior MTB camp.  We were all having a blast ripping the descents together.  C.P. was having fun hurting me on the climbs.

C.P. giving me shit for not knowing the finish line!
Andrea won her race by 4 minutes!  She said the Top Fuel was the best bike shes ever ridden!   On the last downhill of the mens race C.P. gave a look over his shoulder like its game time.  I crushed it for a while, but then realized I wasn't exactly sure where the finish line was.  Actually I had no clue at all where the finish line was.  I kind of thought it was going to be on the pavement on the main drag where we started.  We veered off the pavement around a 120 degree turn.  CP took the inside line and before I knew it the race was over.  Next year I'll know a little better!  I was 2nd and Tyler G. from Culvers was 3rd.  We all had a blast on the trails of Copper Harbor!

As soon as we headed for home the rain started again.  We tried to hit up the Jeri Queen for some post race Ice Cream, but it was closed.  Bummer.  Next up Packers -vs- Saints & Lk. Geneva Treadfest!!!!!

Unfortunately it was closed....

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