Thursday, September 29, 2011

Double Time

Cross season is here now for sure....double the fun on everything.  Twice as many dirty clothes, twice as many bikes to clean, and double the amount of racing per weekend.  No wonder everybody loves cross....more bang for your buck.  This morning I spent a long time cleaning my bikes from this past weekend.  It took me three full days before I had the energy to tackle the project.  14 wheels, 2 bikes, and Andrea conveniently rolled in from a rainy bike ride with her bike that needed a little love too as I was finishing.   3 bikes 16 wheels clean!  Lacking motivation to go and dry them, lube them, and check them over.

If you want even more cross...tomorrow night I am hosting a cross clinic for the WCA!  WCA cross season starts this weekend with the My Wife Inc race at the Domes in Milwaukee and a new venue at Riverside Park in Kewaskum.  If you are interested in attending the clinic it is tomorrow night (Friday Sept. 30th) @ 4pm at Crank Daddy's in Milwaukee.  Check it out here.  or call Crank Daddy's - 414-347-5514 for more info

Also check this out...

The secret is out...and its been a secret in the making for a long time....back in 1995 after Jon 'Tons of Fun' Mesko won the Junior National Downhill Championship he turned into a major slacker!  Jon was my nemesis and greatest competition as a junior cyclist growing up in MI.  The first time I beat Jon he was overheard in a parking lot after the race threatening to attack me or my bike with a tire iron.  We had a great rivalry, but like I said after Jon found fame in downhill racing his XC endurance went south.  We then traveled the country together for the next 3 years racing the NORBA series, him dowhnill and me XC.  However he always managed great results at the Iceman!  He gave credit to his results to a 2 week get fast training plan. Over the years the plan has changed/adapted, but in some form or another I have always followed Mesko's plan and as you know it has brought me great success at the Iceman.  Now the secret is out w/ a professional twist from Momentum Endurance & TJ here for more info .  For a 10% discount enter in Promo Coupon : bmatter

I am wearing the old Gyro helmet w/ Merlin jersey and purple long sleeve from Addison Oaks as base layer.  Mesko is the tall dude next to me!

200 meters to the finish!

The last time Mesko ever beat me in a XC race!


Chris said...

If you think riding around in a park for 1 hr is bang for your buck, you should come to the 100 milers with the A212 team!! You would have to start drinking though!

Bob Ryskamp said...

Hey Brian, saw your site after looking for Iceman results and had to comment on this one...I remember those battles too. You've taken it to another level since then, congratulations!