Wednesday, September 21, 2011


A few final thoughts on Chequamegon...

According to Tilford's blog CVV was putting out 550 watts @ 51 kph down Boedecker Rd.  Ouch...

Quote of the weekend goes something like this, "Yeah, I took a pull.....when I knew the camera man was right around the corner."  It's not word for word, but it was frickin' funny...Trek Stores of Boulder has got to be proud of TJ Woodruff!  Way to get those sponsors in the limelight!


OK - Now its time to move on to next weekend.  I am very happy I opted to skip out on tonight's race in St. Louis.  After such a big mental focus on Chequamegon it would have been really tough to be ready to go good tonight.  6 days to get ready for the USGP w/ such a high level of competition is going to be tough enough as it is.
the drying rack
Cross season is here though.  Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time gluing the last of my tires.  I am really fortunate that HED hooked me up with even more Stingers 5's and Ardennes wheelsets so I can be prepared for any conditions possible!

aqualseal, mastik, and some jtreelife tea = a good night
Overall I feel really lucky.  I don't have the support of a huge cyclocross team like Rapha or CXWorld, but I have so many individual sponsors & friends helping me.  Three different shops around the country helped me get my tubulars...Crank Daddy's in Milwaukke, Boulder Cycle Sport, and Portland Bicycle Studio!  Clif Bar has stepped up huge with financial support to cover entry fees.

plus all the Clif calories I can handle

HED wheels, Oakley, Crank Bros, Shimano w/ the Dura Ace components & shoes, Bell Helmets(gotta love the Eyeballs!),

can a helmet really be your secret weapon?
Trek w/ the new Cronus and of course Gear Grinder/Hyundai!  Joshua Tree Skin Care has even come out with a new line of embrocations.  Signature editions of proprietary blends from myself, Kelli Emmet, and Adam Craig!  They will be available for purchase any day now and

Tabasco on a Grapefruit?

See you in Madison - hopefully I don't need the FULL HEAT quite yet!

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