Monday, September 12, 2011


Another WORS season in the books.  With the CX season starting in 8 days I will not be making it to the last two WORS races.  So its looking like a 2nd or 3rd overall.  After a win yesterday Nathan G still has a chance to win the last 2 races and beat me with the extra 5 point bonus'.
photo:  Niki Krayer Frazier

photo:  Niki Krayer Frazier
I wasn't sure how things were going to go at Treadfest.  Usually I love the trails there and was hoping for a good time to rip the singletrack, but something was a little off.  Not sure if it was my suspenstion pressure, tire pressure, or lack of tread on the rear tire, but I wasn't that comfortable in the singletrack.  I was bouncing off of trees and couldn't hold a line for anything.  Both shoulders and both forearms are missing skin this morning.  I also wasn't the most motivated I've ever been on the start line with bigger goals on the horizon.

When Cole and Nathan attacked early I had to let them go to stay within myself.  They were in sight for most of the first lap, but they pre-rode the course and Tristan and I didn't so in the last longer singletrack they were gone.  I followed Tristan most of lap 1 and wasn't comfy at all.  So I led going into lap 2 and pretty much stayed there the rest of the race.  Cole eventually waited for us and starting the last lap it was a battle.  Tristan attacked, Cole followed then crashed, I bridged to Tristan, I passed Tristan, Tristan passed me, Cole caught back on, Cole attacked and blew it apart.  We all finished with 20 seconds and I was 3rd.  I'll take it...

Now its time to rest up, refuel with an awesomely huge Cinnamon Roll special delivery from the UP, and get ready for the next 2 weekends of big racing in WI.

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