Thursday, October 06, 2011


I-80 here we come!  It's time to hit the open highway and head west!  It was pretty darn nice that the first cross race of my season was only 75 miles away from home.  Now it's time to load up the Gear Grinder 15 passenger van with wheels, water, food, bikes, etc, and head to Ft. Collins.  I just got an e-mail from USGP to attend the numbers presentation Friday night!  That means I'm in the top would be really sweet to have a front row call up at one of these races!

I finished off last weekend with my second victory at the River Hill Park Cross in Kewaskum...again super awesome that the race was less than 30 miles from home.  Major props to the guys who put on the race too...they had a pretty small area to work with, but they managed to put together the best cross course on the WCA circuit!  I felt great and the course was pretty tough which allowed me to have a pretty big gap at the end of the race.

ICEMAN Update - We are getting closer...coming up on 4 weeks to go.  Do you have a plan of attack?  I do...check it out...Momentum Endurance 4 week "get fast" Training Plan...Buy it today and have your best Iceman result ever!

PS - pretty pumped on post race party for Trav & Chloe!  Congrats a little early!

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